Production mode in WP and settings

Should we use all the time TRUE for the following setting even in the production mode?
define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

No, this is not usually used on production sites.

It should only be on when debugging. And most of the times you don’t do that on the production environment only if you want to track something.

But the log may get full really quickly (if you have a few bad written plug-ins)

I’m confused between “debug” and “error report” in the context of WordPress.

For me, the term “debug” suggests it would be used in development where bugs would not be unexpected and maybe in production after a bug had been noticed or suspected.

I think of error reporting more as used all the time, a difference being displaying / emailing / logging the errors. That is, not only when expected, suspected, or observed. but also when caught unaware at any time.

Basically, sensitive information should not be shown to the public. I know from Android development it can be placed event and any strange event can be detected or validated even good one. So, I agree with error report to be tracked even good one event (true). Log files and memory are another issue which should be carefully defined.

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