Product table issue


On our current site we have a table of information for each product. We have edited the size of this depending on the amount of information included. However, our client requested that the table headers go to one line while remaining left of the tyre image and without the font-size being reduced drastically. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to improve on this layout while still having the content readable? Thank you for any help / suggestions

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Well clearly something will have to be smaller. If the font size does not change, that only leaves the tyre image to shrink.

You can change the header of the table keep it vertical or as Sam told Tyre image to shrink


The problem is not so much the layout as the client. If they make unrealistic requests then you need to manage expectations. Perhaps if you point out that trying to put 10 liters of oil in an 8 liter contain is going to result in a mess they will get the message and be open to discussions about real options instead of a wishlist.

Often the case. It can be hard to tell someone that they are “hard of understanding” when you want them to pay you. Good luck.

Maybe ask them for a rough sketch of what they’re wanting?

If they can draw it, you can code it

Try adding line-height: 1.4; to the table.

I think it may just satisfy your client’s requirements without having to reduce. the font-size.

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