Product installation

We have a PHP / MYSQL based product which is deployed in intranet environment. The code is safe guarded using Zend Encoder . At the moment the deployment team visits the client and does the manual process or setting up Apache , PHP and MYSQL normally and then deploying the application.
We are planning to achieve the below now :

  1. Some automated setup process using a EXE file which does everything automatically and through a license key which can be provided to the deployment team and they can use it and deploy the application. The deployment team should be able to install the application anywhere without a license key mechanism.
  2. Second thing we want to safe guard is that the client shouldn’t be able to shift the application to any other machine – we are planning on the lines of using dongle for this. Can dongle be used for a web application and how?

I would take a look at Docker for such kind of distribution

Sounds like a lot of man power and hours for something that could probably live in a single, cloud based environment. This would relieve clients and your company from managing separate hardware and architecture for each deployment. You just build the application in a way where each deployment is able to be customized but lives on the same server with its own pool of users. You could than map the dns and change out the deployment based on domain and/or environment vars for the virtual host of each independent deployment.

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