Product blocks not aligned

I am not a developer, just reordering the theme in wordpress and I ran in to an issue. I understand the basics of CSS to change some minor visual things, but this is to complex for me.
In the pictures you can see the purple box as an empty space and doesn´t get filled to keep a clean look.

I understand if the picture ratio is completely off, this is the case for the first product, but rest are fine. In most cases the product name in Black writing breaks the alignment. One exception is visible in the last picture I attached for last 2 products with same image size and text length.
I would like to achieve for the words in Pink, price and the button ( dodaj v kosarico ) to be aligned.
Button to be at the bottom of the block, above the price and possible (categories) pink words.

Hopefully it´s not to complex to fix this issue.


Can´t add more than 1 media so here are the links to view

Flex isn’t really made for aligning rows of unrelated items and you would need grid or display:table but that would require completely different html to achieve.

Probably the best you can achieve is to push the price to the bottom so the prices line up. That can be done with an auto top margin like this.


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Thank you very much. Works perfectly.

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