Problems with Website

I have some problems with my website that I cannot resolve. I am working on a Mac platform.

Big Game Fishing | Welcome to BlacktipH Fishing

1. On the “Image Gallery” page the footer section (below the galleria image gallery) is gray and is supposed to be black. I thought I didn’t close a <div>, but they all seemed close to me. It’s the only page on the site that has this problem? LINK: - BlacktipH Fishing - Multimedia Image Gallery

2. When I open the website in Safari, the “moon phase plugin” seems to be shifted several pixels to the right and is not centered with the Google Ad above?

3. When I open one of the thumbnail images on the “In the Media” page in Firefox for Windows (having Foxit Reader as default pdf viewer), the pdf is viewable in the fancybox window. When I open the same link in Firefox for Mac, the pdf is trying to open locally with preview? I don’t understand why this is, I have Adobe Reader and Acrobat installed? LINK: - BlacktipH Fishing - In the Media

4. I want to get rid of the “google search box” in the navigation bar and I want to replace it with a search box that searches the website instead of searching the web. I really like the search box on Sitepoint’s homepage with the orange magnify glass. Does anyone know where I can find one similar to this?

Also, I would like to use the image gallery plugin on this website: Sweetwater Travel :: Worldwide Fly Fishing Destinations ::, which changes the image thumbnail when you move the cursor. I searched through the source code for the plugin, but couldn’t find it. Does anyone where I can find the code for this gallery?

For issue #1: your CSS class .wrap should have a background-color:#000000 instead of #C8C8C8

For issue #3, try the PDF plugin for firefox on Mac.

For question for then surely all you need to do is find a suitable icon and place it next to the search box? Try here for that: Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder

Thanks for the tip, I fixed the problem for #1, I had an extra <div>

This is great, thank you. I don’t understand why firefox would not have this option as a standard.

I found a good search icon, I attached the png file. How do I make this image a submit button? Also the script I have for the search box does not execute when you press search/enter? It stays static. My coding skills with inputs and forms is lacking big time, if you could help it would be greatly appreciated!

<form id="searchform" method="get" action="/index.html">
<input type="text" value="Search this website..." name="s" id="s" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Search this website...') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Search this website...';}" />
<input type="submit" id="sbutt" value="GO" />

When I visit the website in Internet explorer, the box shadow created by becomes a drop shadow (bottom right)?

I can’t figure out why this is happening? Could it be conflicting with the jquery?

This problem appears sometimes and other times it doesn’t?