Problems with the server hard disk

The data center tech found that the hard drive is the problem. It is making some bad scratching sounds. This server needs to be reloaded with a fresh drive immediately. We can attach the failing drive as a secondary afterwards so you can attempt to transfer the data.

I like to know how can I transfer the data? I never done this so i’m really confused

What data do you want to take back? Web pages, emails, configuration, etc? Which OS?

the whole hard drive… clone copy from the current hard disk (still working but might crash any second) to the new one
both are on the same server.
OS is CentOS

The server techies will install a new, clean operating system on teh new drive - from there you will be able to pull across any DATA you want.

I would suggest, if the drive is failing you want to copy as little as possible so copying the entire drive is asking for trouble.

Copy things like your web root / your database / any settings you have set up already.