Problems with semantic ui on edge

Hello, i have one issue and thought maybe someone can help me on that.
Site is using semantic ui .
Now we tested site on edge and its seems to stop form submit like for 10 sec or more( like freeze).

i m using this class “ui form small segment”

if i remove that class form submits almost instantly. …

What could cause this issue?

Thanks for any advice or suggestion !

Stop using “semantic ui”. :rolleyes:

I don’t know what the “ui” stands for, but what
it dishes up is most certainly not “semantic”. :unhappy:

It also appears to need “JavaScript” to work. :eek:

[quote]“Semantic is a development framework that helps create
beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML”

Here is a delightful example of that assertion…

<div class="ui vertical stripe intro segment">
  <div class="ui stackable very relaxed center aligned grid container">

This type of human - friendly HTML, most
definitely, totally bamboozled your non -
human friendly “Microsoft Edge” browser. :rofl:



@coothead so in other words you suggest to not use semantic?
P.S. ui they keep in their domain so i usually bring it with the name :smiley:

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