Problems with lists in IE 7

I’m having some problems on If you view it using Firefox and Safari it’s all ok with no problems at all. If you view it using IE 7 you can see there are some problems. Here are some screens.

The first problem is the second menu in the right of the header.
The second problem is that the dropdown menu should be this way…

[Gioco Organizzato] - [Link Rapidi - Forum]

Now they are:

[Gioco Organizzato]
[Link Rapidi - Forum]

The third problem is when the menu is opened:

It’s going over the existent content.

Can you please help me? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Try to put this in the base href tag:

<base href="" />

I really don’t know why in FF it works also with <base href=“” />

Hi, I try and set up a local copy of this, by copying your code and using <base href=“Your site here” /> in the head section, which works fine for FF, though when I open it up in IE no styles/images are applied? Are you blocking something on your end?

Can please somebody help me?

No one? :frowning: