Problems With Function Call On Image Click

I have a search box built into my head of the website, the search input submit calls a jquery function when an image with the class of “go” is clicked. Here is the problem; I have 2 different templates, and the “go” image only works on one of them (they both work if you press enter), but the code looks identical. I’ve attached links to the two templates, could someone look them over to see what might be causing one to work and not the other? Thanks!

The one that works correctly:

The one that doesn’t work if you press the “go” button on the search box in the header.

Not sure why, but I looked at view source for the first link. I saw two submit buttons, neither one of them contained within a form tag. Is it all being done via AJaX?

The pages are all .aspx. Sorry, I didn’t mention that.