Problems with fadein/out function

Please help.
Im trying to make a function that fades out a span background and fades another in. but it dosnt seem to work a 100%. When i do a mouseover on one of the links all the span containers fades in?

$('#leftcol-front a').append('<span></span>');

$('#leftcol-front a').hover(function() {
	var $fade = $(this);

	  $('#leftcol-front a.onmouseover span').stop().fadeTo(700, 0), fadeIn()
	function fadeIn() {
	  $('#leftcol-front a.fadein span').css({ 'opacity': 0 });	
	  $('#leftcol-front a.fadein span').stop().fadeTo(700, 1);
	function () {
	  $('#leftcol-front a.fadein span').stop().fadeTo(700, 0), onMouseOut()

	function onMouseOut() {
	  $('#leftcol-front a span').css({ 'opacity': 1 });