Problems with CSS layout on PHPBB3 / Wordpress integration using WP-UNITED

I asked this question on the WP-United support forums but haven’t gotten an answer. I’m using a Wordpress blog with a PHPBB forum built in and integrated using a PHPBB mod called WP-United.

See this thread here that describes my problem:

My site is

In the Forum area, when creating a new post, viewing your control panel, or responding to a post, some of the option buttons below the post are obscured behind the footer. I’ve been playing around with Firebug but have been unable to figure out how to resolve this issue.

My attempts so far are in the original thread up above. Thanks for any help, I’m lost!!


As we can’t access the page in question it will be hard to give support. You will need to set up a temporary account so that we can login and test.

In your other thread you mentioned removing the overflow:hidden from the tabs but you should also remove the height:1% as that may have an issue if the parent has a height that can be resolved. (height:1% is usually a haslayout trigger for iE6 and should not be given to other browsers by default.)

Thanks Paul. I created a test account - if you log in with “testuser” and password “test123”. The quickest way to see this behavior is go to the User Control Panel. You will see the obscured buttons at the bottom of the page.

I’m going to try the 1% removal right now. I think I did that before and the layout blew apart somehow.


There’s something strange going on in there but it will take some time to find out what the real problem is as there is a lot to look through.

A quick fix would be to provide a height for the tabs lie so.

#wpucssmagic .wpucssmagic #wrap {
    min-width: 650px;
    padding: 0 20px[B] 10px;[/B]/* stop overlap*/

#wpucssmagic .wpucssmagic #tabs {

I’ll come back to this later when I have a little more time to look through.

Thanks Paul, gonna try some of your suggestions :slight_smile:


I’'ve had another look and you are setting the tabs to be absolutely placed which ony a height of 1% which seems to be an error.

Try adding this and see if it sorts out some of the problems.


That seems to put the tabs back on top of the element to which it belongs (assuming you didn’t want the tabs placed all the way down the page.)

Wow thanks I diidn’t even realize they belonged up there until I applied your fix and then I could tell!

Now I just have to figure out how to get to style.php :frowning: this is a bit over my head so it’s a learning experience for me too while I dig through the code … thanks so much!

Figured it out, for some reason PHPBB wants you to edit styles within the administration control panel; all the styles are stored in a database (hence the ref. to styles.php instead of styles.css)

It all looks good now - thanks so mcuH! I’m not a huge fan of all the extra cdoe the wp-united stuff lumped into the css files; but for now it will suffice. Appreciate the help!