Problems Viewing Youtube Videos In Firefox

Has anyone else had trouble over the last few days viewing any Youtube videos in Firefox (FF)? A few days ago I went to watch a Youtube video and it caused FF to hang and memory consumption to go through the roof (I ended the Firefox task in task manager when FF memory consumption reached about 2GB!).

Doing a little digging I found a plugin that forces FF to load the flash versions of the videos. Even they seem to semi-hang FF when loading. I don’t know what has changed with the Youtube site but something about it doesn’t get on with FF? Anyone got any ideas as to what has changed about Youtube that FF doesn’t like or to permanent solutions (probably something that I can tweak in about:config ?

I did. All of the sudded the plugin crashed… and the funny thing is that it affected even Media Center so when I wanted to watch live TV (I have the antenna plugged to the TV card in the computer) I could hear the voices but not seeing the images.

I had to restart the pc.

I went in you and play video in my FF browser. It seems okay. It didn’t hang.

Just tried to watch a youtube video from a news story both flash and html5 versions caused FF to semi-hang and memory consumption to go through the roof :frowning:

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