Problems changing title in WordPress

Hello Friends,
I am working for a Scottsdale Family Dentist as an online marketing executive… the website of client is in wordpress… i just install a plugin for SEO but when i changed the tiltle, it was not changed completely…

for ex. i changed the title scottsdale dentisit but when i see it in source code the title is “scottsdale dentistpinnacle peak family dentistry”. pinnacle peak family dentistry is attached with every page’s title by default…

you can better understand it by visiting my website:

Hi evawright987, welcome to the forum

What does the permalink setting look like?

Hello @evawright987,

It looks to me like the template may have been hard coded to say “Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry.” Certainly, the spacing is incorrect. For example, “About Us” is squished up against the “Pinnacle Peak…” part.

This could be a simple fix if the theme developer used conventional theme setup. I’m assuming you don’t usually work with theme templates, so please forgive me if this is too basic.

Most likely, you have access to the header.php file via Appearance > Editor. Once there, make sure the correct theme is showing in the dropdown box at the top of the right sidebar.

Scroll down the files along the right until you find Header (header.php) and click it. That file will now be displayed in the Editor window.

COPY AND PASTE THE CODE into a .txt file and store it somewhere on your computer. There is no Undo button in the Editor, so if you make a mistake you need to have the original code at hand.

Find the line of code with the <title> tag and replace it with this:

<title><?php wp_title( ' | ', true, 'right' ) . bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

Then “Update File” and refresh your website. Hopefully the problem is fixed!

You need to remove slogan from your wordpress admin area >> Settings >> General and remove slogan from Tagline

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