Problems after dropping table


I dropped a table from a new database server, and restored it from the old database server using mysqldump. These are all the commands used :

Old db server :

# mysqldump -u root -p<pwd> chatDB lz_chat_archive > /usr/local/LivezillaDB/mysql/lz_chat_archive.sql

New db server :

> drop table lz_chat_archive

# mysql -u root -p chatDB < /temp/lz_chat_archive.sql

After few days, users started complaining that the statistics in the reports do not tally with each other like how they used to. So I believe that this activity has caused the problem, however I am not sure.
Doesn’t dumping the table and restoring it copy everything, like schema, indexes, primary key constraints, foreign key constraints, triggers, etc? I believe the foreign key constraints must be gone, which is why data that is linked between tables via the foreign key does not tally anymore.
Please advise.

open up your mysqldump file in a text editor

you can see all the CREATE and ALTER statements that were performed

then you can decide what’s missing

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