Problems about backlinks

I have problem about backlinks - I submited my website to web directories,and they accepted me.

When I check backlinks there are just small number of BL,and there are no BL from directories that acceped my website.

What is this about?

Google ignores those links, because they are bogus. Google is looking for genuine links that indicate real value and respect for your site.

does all Directories links are not counted by google or it is adding High pr Quality Directories ?

All those directories are indexed and pr 5 and 6

When I started out with web design, I didn’t know any better, and so followed advice to submit links to my site in directories. I spent a lot of time at it, even placing links on some reasonably high PR sites. All to no avail. They were all ignored. I can’t say with any authority what the situation is now, but in my limited experience, you are wasting your time as far as Google rank is concerned.

My only wish is that my website is good positioned in google for few keywords.I am not so much interested for PR.

I have apartment that i rent , so i made website , and i just try to make good results in google.

Any suggestion?

There is useful SEO, and we have some great info here about that on SitePoint, such as here:

and here:

(See the other sticky threads at the top of the SEO forum for more.)

May be these directory pages where you got BL are not cached by search engines, so that not show in results.

This isn’t really the case. If there were no search engines people would still submit their sites to online directories simply because it’s a sensible thing to do, so Google not only don’t mind them, they expect it. Whether or not those links help with ranking is a totally different issue but I can say pretty confidently that google don’t think that they’re ‘bogus’ and ignore them, they take them into aco**** and weight them accordingly.

In fact, I’ve just watched a brand new site I’m working on achieve rankings based entirely on directory links because they’re the only ones I’ve built that have been crawled and added to Google’s link graph so far.

So i should not submit to Directories . I started a Kindle Based Website 1 year a go I have over 500 links for a 0.48 keyword . I submitted To Directories Now i can see in my Webmasters Tool that there are over 90+ Links From Directories this means Google is accepting links From those directories.

Yes of course you should.

I think that uploading 10 pages with content, and inter-link them will do much better then those directories backlinks…

Well I believe, backlink booster really helps for getting unexpected high results!

I checked my backlinks again.I found that some directories are indexed,but pages where is my backlink are not indexed.
Will google index those pages or?

don’t use google to check the backlinks but use some tool and tye “backlinks checker” in the google and u will get some nice tools to check backlink

hi, google consider only high pr BL. and I think there is no impact through 0 PR or 1 PR directories. cause according to me these Dir. have lots of link on perticuler page. so if we count weight there is divided its value and these value is near around 0 which is approximately 0. so i think there is no effect and its time wasting activity. yes if there is high pr dir. is available and you are doing submission on this sites so its, good for your sites.

It is still beneficial to submit to directories. But it depends on the directory, choose do follow directories and those that features deep links on each listing. Aside from SEO, directory submissions still generate “real people” traffic. If in the future, Google will disregard them (well, I don’t think so), think of Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, it will still generate at least 1 traffic.