Problem with updating data

Hi to all

When I updating my data. Some fields look like this



Central Govt.

This is my code i am using

$typereg = stripslashes($db['typereg']);

<tr><th>type of Reg.:</th><td>
		 <select name='typereg'>
		 <option value='".urlencode($typereg)."' selected>Current: ".$typereg."\

		 <option value=''>------------\

		 <option value='State Govt.,'>State Govt.,</option>
		 <option value='State Aided'>State Aided</option>
  		 <option value='State Unaided'>State Unaided</option>
		 <option value='Central Govt.,'>Central Govt.,</option>
		 <option value='Central Aided'>Central Aided</option>
		 <option value='Central Unaided'>Central Unaided</option>
		 <option value='Other'>Other</option>


$typereg = mysql_escape_string($_POST['typereg']);

Please suggest me any one here

Why do you use urlencode? And where is the updating being done?

Thank U replay here guido2004.

Finally I found some mistake in my code.
I solved my problem

That is good.
What was the mistake?