Problem with translation with wordpress site

I started to translate to English and the links:

on the english version doesn"t work.
That appears:

Hi v_miteva, welcome to the forums!

I’m not sure what your issue is.Could you describe what the second screenshot show?

(The image message is “page doesn’t seem to exist”.)

It happens when i clicked to the links on the first image. Everything is fine with the original version, but when i ssitched to the translated one that appears

Not sure I understand?

The images are screenshots of what happens.

When you click a translated link, the page is missing?

We need to see some code, could you post the code for the translated links that doesn’t work?

I guess the translated links should go to translated pages. Are the URLs pointing to those pages correct?

Silly question, maybe, but if you used a translation app, are you sure it hasn’t also translated the URLs?

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What are you using to do the translating?

WPML plugin

Have you checked that you meet all of the minimum requirements for WPML? Since it’s a paid-for plug-in you would probably be best going straight to WPML for support.

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