Problem with tooltip. how can i fix this bug?

Hi guys.
please take a look to this site :
when mouse cursor cross over links , template will show Article intro in a Tooltip box.
Now problem is if there be a " " in article title, tooltip just not working.
please take a look to these pics to understand what I mean :

without " " in title :
with " " in title :

I can’t remove “” from titles because they are many articles like this.
so any Idea how to fix tooltip please???

Hi sashaiel,

I didn’t have time to put this under firebug or firefly but this is a Javascript problem. You need to isolate the tooltip javascript and then put a script break in the debugger to see why the javascript is chocking on the “”. It is probably something to do with the quotes not being escaped therefore the script interprets were they lie as the end of the data.

If you haven’t figured it out by tomorrow, I will go through it to try to find the offender.


solved. thank you