Problem with the Direct Post Method Integrating

Hi, I’m new to the I have got problem with the Direct Post Method Integrating…

My form looks like this.

<form action=“” method=“post”>

              &lt;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_login" VALUE="3b4RV8dg47"&gt;
              &lt;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_show_form" VALUE="PAYMENT_FORM"&gt;
              &lt;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_method" VALUE="CC"&gt;
              &lt;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_amount" VALUE="24.99"&gt;
      *****   &lt;input type="hidden" name="x_description" value="Bravo." /&gt;
              &lt;INPUT  type="image" src="images/icon_authorize_net.png"&gt;


I just want to send the field marked with * (an additional field), I don’t want the user to enter his/her credit

card detials on my web.

Is there any simple way that I can send this information without using the APIs.

Waiting for some positive response from the members!

Usman Saeed…

The best response you’re going to get, is from the manual/vendor.

Thank You AnthonySterling for your advice.

If you can advise me more that I how can I send the field mentioned without using any Depth of APIs… I just want to send simple form with a extra field…