Problem with string

I have a string:

var string=“2,4,6,1,2,2”;

First I want to get ride of the commas:

var comma=string.replace(/,/g,“”);

Then I want to pick out all number 2:

var twos=comma.match(/2/g);

But this gives me: 2,2,2

The commas are still there? Why?

You are returning an array, which is converted by default to a comma separated string.

twos=comma.match(/2/g).join(‘’)//join with no separator

or even

Thank you very much!

After doing that I get 222. How do I add the numbers? Instead of 222 I want to add them to get six.

var twos=“2,4,6,1,2,2”.match(/2/g),total=0;

You probably have more work to do- this will match the 2s in ‘12’ and ‘22’ and ‘1.25’ and give you an incorrect result.

Thank you again! Have a nice day!

I have a form, you click a button and a series av random numbers gets created. I put the numbers in a array.
I call this var numbers= new Array();



Let’s say clickin the button gives me this: 6,2,6,6,6
I want to pick out the sixes and add them. I have tried this:

var total=0;
var six=numbers.match(/6/g);


But it does not work. What am I doing wrong? If I replace var six=numbers.match(/6/g); with six=“6,2,6,6,6.match(/6/g);” I dont get this problem, but I want to fetch the values from a variable.

Sorry, got that wrong. It should be like this:

var total=0;
var six=numbers.match(/6/g);