Problem with safari showing small square on onmouseover

hey guys, can any of u tell me what is the problem with this code? it works perfect in IE 7,8 FF Chrome and opera but not in safari

i dont have much details to give, just the following code:

<a title="header=[the title] body=[<b>Video Author:</b> Author name] delay=[100] fade=[off]" href="#" onclick="ytplayer.loadVideoById(link, 0)">
<img src="img1.jpg" onmouseover="this.src='img2.jpg'" onmouseout="img1.jpg'"/>

thanks for the help

The website from the link has an exceeded bandwidth, so I can’t open the page. Can’t you give your own link?

yeh thats why i removed it, im using a free hosting company so im getting a bandwidth limit reached pretty often, we’ll have to wait until tommorow to view it again, or until some1 would give the solution by just looking at the code above, there’s really no more details i can give :confused:

You must have found this somewhere, or not. Is there no other site where they are using this? I have no idea where to look at

lol nvm, i think i know what the problem was, i just looked at it with safari and it worked fine…
what happent is that the bandwidth reached the limit excactly when i viewed this page, thus not loading the onmouseover images, making me see them as small squares with question mark…

thanks for trying to help tho…