Problem with reading form input that contains url


I have a GET method form with one input field for user to enter an url, including “http://”. When the form is submitted, an error page is showing up because the url in the address bar is having two "http://"s.

Here is the example:

That’s a problem with your search script on that site. Other WordPress blogs’ search forms work when you enter

When I try to search “” on,
it gets redirected to the front page.

Typing a URL into a form does not cause any kind of error. The fact that you were able to type that URL into this form is evidence of that. The web browser knows to urlencode form values before putting them in the URL.

So this error page must be from your application, not something inherent to the form or the browser. Fix whatever code in your application is unhappy with that URL.

I start to think that the problem came from my hostgator because I have tested couple of other websites who use the same theme that I use, and there is no problem.