Problem with php.ini

I want to remove the semicolon before the extension=php_mbstring.dll in php.ini to enable it. But I dont have access in php.ini. How to do it without accessing php.ini.

Is it possible to do something using ini_set function from the php page?

Here is the list of things you can override and from where (ini, htaccess, page specific) PHP: List of php.ini directives - Manual - you might also need to look at [url=]PHP: dl - Manual

Thanks but could not find any clue on php_mbstring.dll

Funny, that link I posted no longer works (for me) - anyway you may be out of luck …

My copy of the PHP Manual for function dl() says:

“Note: This function is disabled when PHP is running in safe mode.”

If you are hosting your website with a provider, they can do this easily for you. Also, you cannot override this from a custom php.ini or .htaccess. So, you need to contact your host.