Problem with php code

I am really in a bad picture, one of my programmer left me in the middle, and offered me wired coded CMS, designed on PHP + MySQL

I have one object which is taking date; and storing this into database.

All i want to enter a simple string from this object and store this value into database.

I have changed the DATABASE STRUCTURE from date to VARCHAR.

But i am not able to track down from where it’s taking the values to database, sothat i can initiatlize one variable to this object value, and move to database.

So please help…

bizManagment.php is the main page, where all fucntions are defined in an array.


This is the respossible funcation for add, edit

function edit_biz_reg($msg="")


	global $SVP;

	global $SVP_Main;


	$t=new Template("templates");



		gri("tlbbizinfo","where bizId='$R[bizId]'","",$req);



	gri("tlbcity","Where cityId='$req[cityId]'","cityStateId",$stateId);

	get_new_option_list("tlbstate","stateId","stateName","$stateId[cityStateId]",$option_state_list,0," Where status='1' order by stateName asc",1,0,"Select State");


	get_new_option_list("tlbcity","cityId","cityName","$req[cityId]",$option_city_list,0," Where status='1'",1,0,"Select City");

	//$todayDate=date("d/m/Y",$req[bizRegDate]); // to display date in edit mode















function updateBiz_info($msg="")


	global $SVP;

	global $SVP_Main;





	echo "Update successfully";


I want “bizRegDate” to be entered just as a simple VARCHAR, but whenever i try to do so, it taking a junk value in it; all the time “943900201”;

so please help.

Why do you want to store a date as a string?

Problem has been resolved, thread must be closed now.

Why not store date as a string? This way you can format it any way you’d like.

Care to share the solution with us? That way the thread might be useful for others.

Because it’s a date. You can format it any way you like when outputting it (with mysql or php date format functions), but in the database it should be stored as a date. That way you’ll have the possibility to use all available date functions in your queries.