Problem with pages being cut off

Hi all,

I have a problem in which some of my pages content is being cut off by the footer.

The link for the site is The login is guest and password is guest.

Observe that if you click on Product Data, the page scrolls. Now click on the Library. Notice that the page doesn’t scroll (ie. the content gets cut off). Same thing with Community->Search Engineers and 1-2 other pages.

I’ve been playing around with this all night and can’t figure out why some scroll and others don’t.

Can anyone provide any insight into this?

Hi natashab. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Now click on the Library.

Do you mean the CAD LIBRARY link? I can’t see a problem with that page. :frowning:

Yes that’s the page. It is cut off. If you click the little arrow thing you’ll see there’s more content that is not being displayed.

All the HTML that is on that page is being displayed, so I’m still confused.

Oh… hmmm I wonder if it’s a browser issue. Which browser are you using?

Confirmed, Safari is displaying it fine, but Firefox is cutting it off. Which I guess leads me to the next question – which would be in a shallow case – why is Firefox doing this? And more broadly, how would one in general go about solving these types of browser-specific problems? Are there any tools people use for this? Excuse my ignorance I’m not very knowledgeable about HTML/CSS.

Also, Safari is still cutting off the bottom of Community -> Search Engineers.

Jeesh, it looks fine on Firefox for me too. Could you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? There’s not much content on that page.

Normally, if there’s a problem in a browser like Firefox, it means there’s an error in the code that some browsers are forgiving you for while others aren’t. You can always run the page through the HTML and CSS Validators, which often picks up coding errors.

I’m not seeing any problem with the display in Firefox 16.0.2 on Linux. I’ve tried resizing the browser window and it produces scroll bars as and when I’d expect them.

Hi all, just to update: I figured out the problem. It was a misplaced </div> in one of my base.html files. Wow, I didn’t know a misplaced <div> could cause so much grief! Thanks so much to all for your help!

Cool, glad you got it sorted. That’s where the HTML Validator comes in really handy, as it picks that sort of thing up right away. :slight_smile: