Problem with one button


Why on IE I get a border around the middle button?

any ideas?

Which button is “the middle button”? I am looking in Firefox and all three buttons under each post seem to have a border.

You don’t have any actual buttons on your page. Neither <button>s or <input type=“submit”>, but images and divs with onclick methods. So if you can point out which “button” has the border in IE, it’s probably a simple CSS matter and it should be easy for us to solve.

You could take a screenshot and circle the button in question for us.

Hi, @Stomme_poes. This is a screenshot of IE8. The middle button in each row along the right has a prominent blue border. The box seems to be associated with a Facebook link.

Thanks! I’ll be able to check it out at $work later today.

IE applies a default blue border to linked images (why did they think that was a good idea?). You should add this rule to your main reset by default to remove it.

a img{border:none}

Thank you very much
that did the trick