Problem with modal and overflow

I have this in locale:

and this problem when I put it live:

It doesn’t create the scroll bar for some reason. I have it online at: Scroll down the page and at the end you’ll find the link called “ModalTest” (to the left). How can I fix it?


overflow-y: scroll !important;

Thank you so much pr0c3ss. Now I can scroll the page and I can’t close the modal (the close button is off the visible area), but how do I set a max-height for the modal popup itself like in the local test?

Ok, using a div instead of a p seems to solve the problem…

Suggested reducing the margin-top by 12.5% (guess) because it appeared to low for me. Assumed you would adjust accordingly

Thank you so much, pe0c3ss! Yes, I solved with it. Now I have another problem. Maybe you can help me.

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