Problem with Menu


I want to use a drop down menu in blogspot.
I’ve tried 2 scripts.
Both are attached. Making either of them will solve my issue.

The posts in the blog are below the menu.
When the menu expands, the expanded items are not seen.
They’re going behind the posts that is immediately below the menu.

Kindly advise me how this can be corrected.

Have you tried adding a z-index:10; in your css to the dropdown part of the menu (#nav ul) so that it sits on top of the content?

Is this in all browsers? In older versions of IE, this happens because the menu container needs a z-index set. But it could also be that your menu container has overflow: hidden set on it or something like that.


Tx for the quick replies!
Tried adding the z-index.

No difference.,

Plz chk the below screenshot.

This is in the latest version of chrome.

As you can see, the “Blogger Tricks” menu is behind the main post content.
The post content is part of blogger’s standard layout. Nothing modified there.

The problem is quite obvious, and is what I suggested above: the menu wrapper has overflow: hidden applied to it. This can easily be fixed, but unless you can show us the live page, you’ll have to find it yourself. You can use the “clearfix” method of containing floats instead of overflow: hidden … if it’s even needed there at all.