Problem with loaded BKG Sound

I have made a presentation in Flash (CS3).

I do not use SCENES at all. Instead i prefer to use key frames; wherein in each keyframe is a scene in itself with the releavant content.

The structure is as follows.

The main timeline just 6 key frames.
Frame 1: Intro and (1 key Frame)
Frame 10 to Frame 50: content.(5 key frames)
Each of these keyframes have a stop(); action.
Each of these 6 key frames contains a movie clip with relevant content (movie clips) in it.

The prsentation starts from key frame 1.
After the content in frame 1 has finished playing, the timeline advances to frame 10 and stops.

From here (frame 10), one can navigate forward and backward between the 5 content key frames (frames 10 to frames 50), using buttons.
These buttons are available throughout these five key frames. So the end user can navigate forward or backward.
Each of the key frames contains a relevant movie clip, with content.
And each of the key frames also contain a sound clip to introduce what that key frame contains.

Since a user can navigate forward and backward at any point of time, all these keyframes have the frame action:


so that, sounds from one key frame do not overlap into another and develop into a cacophony.

So far so good. No problems at all…things just work fine.

Now here is the problem:

I also have a background music track, which is loaded as a separate swf onto another level.
This is a looped MC set to 999.

The moment the movie stops at the 2nd key frame after the intro (ie frame 10), the bkg music clip which was loaded in the first keyframe stops playing.

I realize that this is because of the:
stopAllSounds(); frame action. in that key frame and all other key frames.

So, my question is, how do I, make it that the bkg music movie clip, which has been loaded on level 10 or whatever, can play throughout the timeline without being affected by the:
frame action in the main movie, which appear throughout the other movie clips

All and any help will be appreciated. I am not a programmer, but am a graphic designer…so would appreciate clear and presice instructions.



Happy to help, glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for that article.

BTW…solved the problem…
I have the bkg loop in the main timeline.
And load the other keyframe sounds using loadMovie().

Works just fine.

I see.

No, my method won’t work for sounds loaded on the timeline - it’s only for sounds loaded through ActionScript.

I’d recommend you load your sounds in with ActionScript, as it gives you more control.

I’ve written an article about how to load sound with ActionScript on my site that may help you out:

Good luck!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for those input, I’ll definitely try them out.

I had even tried the loadSound() and attachSound()…but that also didnt work out.

All my sounds are in individual keyframes, and are available on stage only when that key frame is being played. Moreover The sounds are inside inidividual MCs…and each sound MC controls an animation. So I really doubt if your method will work.

In any case, I’ll try it out. Thanks once again mate.

Create a function you can call from each keyframe that will stop the sounds you want. So, rather than calling stopAllSounds() you call stop_intros() and the stop_intros() function will run through each sound you load in and stop it.

As you only have five sounds, it shouldn’t be hard to list them. They’ll just each need different names.

Also, I assume you’re loading all the sounds at the start and pausing them to play later? You may need to do this to get the function to work correctly.

Hope this helps!

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