Problem with jumping between scenes in flash cs3

Hi there! I’m a newbie in flash.

I have 20 scenes that belong to only one flash file. At each scene, I have a ‘next’ button which directs you to the next scene when it is clicked.

gotoAndPlay(“Scene 6”, 1);

This has already worked. However, when I do editing and exporting the flash movie a lot of times, there are times that when I hit ‘next’ button, it will jump to a different scene other than the scene where it is supposed to go.

I already checked the Action for each button, and everything’s correct.

I don’t know why this happens. Hope someone could help, please…
Thanks so much!

I don’t really use multiple scenes. you cloud try naming the frame you want to jump to. Then use gotoAndPlay(framename). I don’t think it is scene specific so it should work.

What you will want to do is give the first frame of each scene a frame label then target that as opposed to scene1 or scene2.

hi Vrealm!

can i still have the separate scenes and just put a label on the first frame of the scene? or should i paste all the scenes in just one scene, then put frame labels for each?

thanks a lot! :smiley:

thanks BPartch!

No problem, hope it helps. :slight_smile: