Problem with jQuery's oritentation-change


this is a follow-up to this thread

I don’t know what’s going on… when I hit “reply” nothing happens (and, as I mentioned there, I get an error (502) sometimes when posting (which is why my last post there appears twice…)

at any rate, my problem: orientation-change…

here’s a fiddle example…

all changes work when change orientation, except the one where I need window-height detection… orientation-change event does not register change in window-height (unless I reload the page, but obviously this not good enough… changes on orientation change need to be seen as soon as orientation is changed, w/o having to reload the page first…)
is there a way to fix this window-height problem with orientation change?

I also tried

window.onresize = $('article').css('height',winHeightAdj);

also didn’t work… (I guess onresize is only for when user actively changes window dimensions by dragging, but I thought I’d try anyway…)

would appreciate help/suggestions…

thank you…

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