Problem with Jquery and Ajax Post

Hi All,

I have a problem with Ajax Submit Can anyone please help??

I am using a jquery window with sliding divs for three options new user signup, login and ignore

When the user selects the login the following code has to be executed.

Everything works fine. but after the submit i am not getting the response from Process.php back

Can anyone help me
Urgent help required!!!

// This is my Javascript where i am calling the submit

$(document).ready(function() {
$(‘#frmsignin’).submit( submitForm );

function submitForm() {
var signinform = $(‘#dialog1’);
var signin = $(this);
// Are all the fields filled in?
if ( !(document.getElementById(“email”).value || !document.getElementById(“pass”).value )) {

// No; display a warning message and return to the form

} else {

// Yes; submit the form to the PHP script via Ajax
var strPost = signin.serialize();

  url: "/Process.php",//signin.attr( 'action' ) ,//+ "?ajax=true",
  type: "POST",
  data: $strPost,
  success: submitFinished


// Prevent the default form submission occurring
return false;
// Handle the Ajax response

function submitFinished( response ) {
$response = $.trim( response );

if ( $response == “success” ) {

// Form submitted successfully:
// 1. Display the success message
// 2. Clear the form fields
// 3. Fade the content back in

$('#email').val( "" );
$('#pass').val( "" );
$('#content').delay(messageDelay+500).fadeTo( 'slow', 1 );

} else {

// Form submission failed: Display the failure message,
// then redisplay the form


Thanks and Regards

When is your dead line? No point me in me posting a suggestion if the dead line has passed.

And if it genuinely is urgent, I suppose you have probably posted this request on multiple websites and it’s possible you might already have the solution.

No sir, I am really trying for this from the past 3 days
Please help me
No deadline!!!

Then why say it’s urgent?