Problem with Joomlal website

My joomla website is not opening. Earlier this website got some malicious code which i removed but now it is showing internal server error. Is it some virus or malicious code. What corrective action can i take?

Have you spoken to your web host? They may need to get involved with this.

First thing you need to tell your provider. They will go through the steps to make sure you are in the clear.
Secondly, you might need to just do a back up repair.

To solve this problem,Check your Database. I think,some databases has affected by virus, due to this reason internal server error problems arises.Uploaded the backup of database and rum the websites,it problem has solved after this procedure.

thanks for the inputs, i am trying to get in touch with the web host.

Hi, i`m sure your joomla is 1.5x, so there is a fix for that.

1st. Restore the index.php file that is currently on your website. There’s a good chance that it have been replaced to a hacked one. If you don’t have one backup of your website (big mistake) download a newer version from Joomla and copy the index.php to your website.

2nd. Fix or replace the /components/com_user/models/reset.phpfile. For fixing is simple:
After global $mainframe; on line 113 of reset.php, add:
if(strlen($token) != 32) { $this->setError(JText::_(‘INVALID_TOKEN’)); return false;}

3rd. Ask for another password for your administrator user. For that you just need to write the site url and add this: index.php?option=com_user&view=reset.
The url will be something like this:

Note: before you do this, be sure that you have access as a super administrator of the site, otherwise you might have a bigger headache to take care of.

Source: mcloide

Useful discussion about the problem for joomla website…nice

Thanks for your response webcosmos, i tried the first step and it worked. There was some malicious code in other pages which i removed. The website is not completely restored but soon i should be able to fix it completely.

Talk your hosting company regarding that. Joomla is the best open source technology.


Sometimes an internal server error can be caused by a server configuration file that is not properly setup. If you have a .htaccess or web.config file on the server, save a copy of it and then try deleting it from the server and see if your site loads. Not saying that’s definitely it but its something simple you can try.

Here is a similar thread on that topic,