Problem with IE

I have a drupal site that is not appearing correctly in IE8. The site is at | The site for the natural food and health food store industry.

It appears to be fine in firefox and chrome. I have used this theme before without problems in IE so it must be related to some alteration I have made along the way. I just can’t figure out what the issue is.

Thanks for any suggestions


It looks like the problem is with your #footer, you are missing the closing div tag.

You also have some other html errors that need to be corrected.

Adding clear:both; to the footer rules fixed IE8 on a live edit, however it may not be needed after you add the closing </div> tag to the footer.


The real problem is this section. :slight_smile:

<h2 class="pane-title">
    recent forum posts

Divs can’t be inside an h2 and IE8 has a heart attack and dies badly. Remove the divs and it should work.

You also have a missing closing div on the footer.

Thanks so much for the help guys! That did the trick.