Problem with FORM


the following appears to work in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer,google chrome and safari …

<form method=“post” action="mailto:myemail?subject=“test” enctype="text/plain"onsubmit="location.href=‘thanks.html’>

in the case of the form not working it doesn’t put the form input into the email AND the ‘thanks’ page does not appear.

can you help me out please !?

I’m pretty sure that content of each of your attributes should be quoted.

<form method="post" action="mailto:myemail[COLOR="#FF0000"]"[/COLOR] subject="test" enctype="text/plain" onsubmit="location.href='thanks.html'[COLOR="#FF0000"]"[/COLOR]>

thanks techno but where does the ? go ?

I’m guessing here, because this is not something I use. I’ve found an example in a book which has

<form action="mailto:myemail? subject="test" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

so it looks as if you were right there. I can’t find an example of onsubmit, but I still think you’d need the closing double-quote there. Try it and see if it works, and I’ll keep reading the book. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, a quick search suggests it should be onSubmit, so try that too.