Problem with form updation which involves html,php and mysql

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<form action="connect.php" method="post">
$date = date(" Y-m-d"); 
echo "$date";
Username:<input type="text" name="Username">
Action:<select name="Action">
<option value="Suspended">Suspended</option>
<option value="Disabled">Disabled</option>
<option value="Password Reset">Password Reset</option>

 Comments<select name="Comments">
<option value="performance">performance</option>
<option value="malware">malware</option>
<option value="spamming">spamming</option>
<option value="mysql abuser">mysql abuser</option>
<option value="backup/storage">backup/storage</option>

Adminname<select name="Adminname">
<option value="RIA">RIA</option>
<option value="SIA">SIA</option>
<option value="TIA">TIA</option>


 <input type="submit" value="submit"/>


2nd form```
<?php $thedate = date("d F Y"); echo "$thedate"; ?>

Malware:<input type=“text” name= " “?php echo $_POST[”“]; ? >
Spamming:<input type=“text” name= " " ?php echo $_POST[”“]; ? >
Performance:<input type=“text” name= " “?php echo $_POST[””]; ? >
MySQL Abuser:<input type=“text” name= " " ?php echo $_POST[“”]; ? >
Backup/Storage:<input type=“text” name= " “?php echo $_POST[”"]; ? >

``` HERE connect.php has the mysql connection code.Now my problem is when I select an option from the dropdown list it should be stored as a number in 2nd form i.e if i select malware in 1st form in the 2nd form it should display as malware:1.if i select it once again it shud display malware:2..similarly for all the options

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