Problem with fixed footer - jQuery Mobile and iScroll4 on iPhone3GS (iOS4)


I just created my first web-app-like website and a colleague reported that the fixed footer (with iScroll4) disappears on an iPhone 3GS with iOS4 (works on iPhone 3GS with iOS5…). Maybe someone can confirm this behaviour or even better give some tips how to get this working properly:


PS: if there is someone out there with a Windows phone, a quick check of the site would be great.

For what reason are you using both iscroll4 and jQuery mobile? Both have very different methods of accomplishing a fixed footer so when combined are very likely to cause issues.

I tried the jQuery Mobile solution first but on the tested Android devices the footer wasn’t really fixed. It scrolled and then jumped back to the bottom and that was really ugly. But thanks for you advice maybe I should hook in iScroll on Android devices only.

jQuery Mobile uses that method for optimization reasons. However, iscroll has a very different approach. If your going to use jQuery Mobile for anything else though your pretty much stuck with it ugly or not. Either way it still works. I’m not really a fan of jQuery Mobile for several other reasons but the little footer jump is really a small price to pay for all the other work it can eliminate.

Thanks for your opinion, but I am really interested why you are not a fan of jQuery Mobile but of Sencha Touch. But that is another topic…

Maybe there are good reasons to not combine jQuery Mobile with iScroll but I haven’t had any solid proof of that so far. It works really smooth on all tested devices except the mentioned one (iPhone 3GS with iOS4) and I really want to know why that is.

Anything less than ios5 does not support actually fixed positioning. Therefore, any attempt to make a footer fixed on those devices is essentially an unideal hack. All the different approaches have various advantages and disadvantages. There really isn’t much else I can say put weigh them and decide which is more appropriate. Blame it on the hardware…

Hi LarsK did u fix footer at bottom on android devices ,which one you used to fixed that one using iscroll or jquery mobile. because i too having the same problem in android2.3.3 devices position:fixed not supported