Problem with easing

Hi I am workign on a page which is doing a lot of javascript/jquery stuff.

it uses the lavalamp plugin for the main navigation and i am using the galleria and jcarousel plugins for a photo gallery.

the problem I am runnign into is that with the jcarousel element at the bottom of my photo gallery, the easign isnt working and i keep gettign easign errors in firebug.

the page can be found here:

can someone please advise?

You are loading two copies of the easing script into the page

Try removing one of those and see if the problem goes away

ok so there are two easign plugins included:

i’m not sure why - the template came with both of them included.

when i go to any other page on the site (the home page for instance) all is well. but there must be somethign in jcarousel or galleria plugin which doesn’t like those easing plugins.

i am really not sure how to proceed here.

if i remove jquery.easing.1.2.js, then i get the same error on page load and the navigation for the jCarousel on the bottom of the photo gallery doesnt work.

if i remove jquery.easing.min.js, then there is no error on page load but the lavalamp plugin on the main site navigation doesn’t work.

is there some way i can make both jcarousel and lavalamp plugins work with just one easing plugin?

You need to load whichever of the two you keep before the scripts that rely on it

That’s why it’s not working when you remove one or the other, because of the order they appear in your code

Put it up above jquery.lavalamp.min.js

ok that makes sense - but i moved both easing calls up above jquery.lavalamp.min.js and still had the same result.

Then you’re back to the problem of having two scripts provide the same functionality – Have you tried only having one easing script on the page, and placing it before the code that uses it?

Can’t be sure that’ll fix it but it’s something simple that should be tried.

yea - i tried moving both scripts up above the lavalamp plugin and then tried disabling each of them and leaving the other and the results did nto change. with one, the lavalamp plugin doesn’t work and with the other one the jcarousel plugin doesn’t work… i am very confused.