Problem with CSS overriding

I Have one Horizontal menu and one vertical menu. Both are basically downloaded from OpenCube Website. Now, having these menus on the same webpage, I think there is some behavior overriding in CSS of one menubar from the other.

I am not able to locate what is going wrong with the vertical one. It is basically suppoed to drop and collapse when mouse hover takes place over it. But apparantly it is not doing it.

I want to attach the code files for HTML and CSS but I am not sure how to attach on this Website. IS there any way that I can send you code to take a look on??

My website is not live. So I am not able to send a link too.

Just copy and paste the entire source code into [co de] [/co de] tags (without the space)

It should be as simple as renaming a parent in the HTML (with a new ID) and changing the CSS to match :slight_smile:

A subject we touched upon already here.

Oh yes, but I was advised to contact OpenCube people a the end of discussion and I think they are not responding me for a while so I am back with the same quesiton. If anyone can help.
Well, I have attached the files with the message as I found a way… :). Please check the attachments.

Again, you would be better off posting the code (each file) into [co de] [/co de] tags. Otherwise we have to wait for it to be approved which could take some time :).