Problem with CSS 3 webkit

I had problem with my CSS 3 for web kite is not working correctly
1- archer hover is not around the image firefox and chrome
2- the CSS 3 transform chrome
3- I want add some margin for Profile to give some space for the rotation

You’ll need to make the element a block element or add least inline-block and then remove the width and height.

#portfolio {
    -moz-transition: -moz-transform 0.4s ease-out 0s;
    -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0.4s ease-out 0s;
    box-shadow: 1px 1px 2px #999999;
[B]    /*height: 156px;*/
    margin: 20px 0 20px 20px;
    opacity: 0.6;[/B]
[B]    /*width: 190px;*/

Remove the html comments from your css as they are not valid in a css file and will corrupt it:

<!--Rules for pages-->
<!--Rules for pages portfolio-->