Problem with Automatic scrolling for horizontal image slider

I have very limited programming experience and am trying to create an automatic/infinite slider image bar. Here is an example of what i am looking to do… it is the sliding images under “proudly representing”.

Note: I am using a web-based content manager, OU Campus–if that makes a difference.

Here is the code I have so far:

<p>content goes here</p>
#carousel { width: 100%; height: 150px; background-color: #ffffff; overflow-x: slide;
    overflow-y: hidden; white-space:nowrap; } #carousel .slide { display: inline-block; }
<div id="carousel">
<div class="slide"><img src="" alt="logo1" width="291" height="100" /></div>
<div class="slide"><img src="" alt="logo2" width="200" height="100" /></div>
<div class="slide"><img src="" alt="logo3" width="120" height="100" /></div>
<div class="slide"><img src="" alt="logo4" width="291" height="100" /></div>
<div class="slide"><img src="" alt="logo5" width="291" height="100" /></div>


If you are wanting to build a full fledged slider then you would be better off finding a plugin to do the trick unless you are an experienced programmer or if you don’t want dynamic actions applied.

There are many about so its best to choose one that suits your purpose.

Otherwise to build from scratch requires quite a bit of programming.:slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you are asking?

You can’t just make that page slide without adding a lot of script to it. The page you linked to in your demo as an example is using this plugin I believe as it is listed in their scripts.

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