Problem with <article> and <section>

Hi I’m having problem with both of the tags.

My setup is currently something like this

<article> “article”</article>
<article> “article”</article>
<Footer> Footer </footer>

However, what happens is when I get my browser, the footer is in the section and when I’m go into view source, I see in fact that footer is before </article> and </section> but in my code, its not like that…

Anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for any help!

The tags <Footer> and </footer> also differ if that makes any difference?

I don’t believe that HTMl5 is case sensitive, though I know XHTML is, due to it basing itself off of XML (and that’s case sensitive :))

There wasn’t a definitive mention of ‘Specific Language’ being used or browser – people just “assumed” the ‘non-normative’ HTML5, which is usually considered case-insensitive.

Though I suspect under certain circumstances (when being mixed with x(ht)ml it will be partially case sensitive and perhaps Simon will drop by and comment.

Even so the browsers could do all sorts of weirdness with things they have no knowledge of.

Internet Explorer ignores whatever it doesn’t understand (in terms of the DOM), so it’s quite possible that something may glitch structurally. :slight_smile:

Agreed, if it’s Internet Explorer there’s a simple answer which is no current version of IE supports HTML5 (it’s not even a finished spec yet). :slight_smile:

Would that make IE mix up tags though?? How could it?

I will now ask the obvious question: on what browsers (and versions) are you seing this problem?