Problem while promoting a Site

Friends I am facing a website while promoting… I do my every possible task to improve keywords of that website but every day Google search show different pages of website with same keyword. Please help me to resolve this problem and tell me that how to rank a particular that I am targeting.

When such type of problems are increase you should just have to change the metas of targeted URL and used relevant title for the specified URL. Through this way you can get your solution of your problem.

Thanks for suggesting me some idea to solve my problem.

Optimising the title and the meta description may help, but if you were thinking about the keywords meta tag, don’t waste your time on it. Search engines do not use it in calculating SERPs.

JamesScruggs1: have you made sure each page is carefully optimised for your targeted keyword? Make sure the actual word is included in the text, but don’t overdo it; keep it natural.

Is the content on each page different and optimised for the keywords for which you want it to rank? Google is getting better at understanding search terms, and may show results for similar terms to the one searched for, if it sees the site as relevant. So if your keywords are closely-related, that may at least partly explain why several pages are being returned for the same keyword.