Problem viewing

Hello, All!

I’ve posted similar thread in another forum too.

I’ve been facing a problem in the site Whole site, all links work well but only a link always occur a problem for me. This link hasn’t been opening in my PC since last near about 6 months.

When I give comments on this site then it connects to this problematic URL

When I give Polls on this site then it connects to this same problematic URL

When I try to contact them for telling them about this problem then site again contact to this URL. So I’m unable to contact them too.

So I want some Web Specialists to take a glance at this and tell me what’s actually the problem. I assure you that I didn’t block this URL in my Computer.

I’ve latest Firefox 5.0, Latest Google Chrome, Latest IE 9 and fully update Windows 7 and Active X and Adobe Flash Player but this URL is giving me the same response on all browser.

I tried this on for watching the URL’s ping but it’s not coming.



Something to do with javascript?

var server = "";
/* Login Valdation */

And it is only you is up and reachable from here, no connection errors were found.

Sorry, but it is down just for you.