Problem validating a line of code

I am having issues validating the following line of code:

<input id="security_code" name="security_code" type="text" /><br /><br /><img src="CaptchaSecurityImages.php?width=100&height=40&characters=5" alt="Security image" />

I get the following error:

Line 25, Column 120: cannot generate system identifier for general entity “height”

Any ideas?

Thanks Stevie for the explanation - it is very helpful.

Most people do! It’s a very easy mistake to make, particularly when you don’t use multivariate query URLs on your own site and just occasionally drop in a link to an external site that does.

The reason for needing to spell out the ampersand as & is so that browsers won’t get confused if the variable name is the same as an entity, eg doesn’t get parsed as©=2

You need to write & as & in URL’s.

So in your case it would be:
<img src=“CaptchaSecurityImages.php?width=100&amp;height=40&amp;characters=5” alt=“Security image” />

Add the stuff in blue :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Scallio - I think I must have created quite a few invalid web pages in the past then:)

Many thanks