Problem uploading my eBook to a website builder server

I am using Godaddy website builder for my website and I discovered after payment that there are a lot of restrictions. Could someone tell me an alternative way to create a download link for my new eBook?
I need to upload the eBook to a server which will enable my prospective customers to download the book in .pdf format. Any suggestions please?
Alternative solution that will not involve an extra cost would be appreciated. Thanks


Save your ebook as a PDF and then put it in a zip file. You will have to be familiar with an FTP program to upload it to GoDaddy’s server (although you may be able to do it through their cPanel). Once you have the zip file on the server, just create a link using an a tag like you would any other link.

It would look like this,

<a href=”; >Your Download Link</a>

Hope that helps,