Problem transferring domain - who's to blame and what can I do?

I’ve got a .co domain with namecheap which I’m trying to transfer to 123reg. I’ve unlocked the domain and got an auth code from namecheap. I’ve registered the transfer with 123reg and they’ve sent me a link to to enter the auth code. When I enter the code I get a message “Failed to Approve Transfer: An undefined registry error occurred”.

I’ve contacted both namecheap and 123reg about this and each are saying it’s the other party’s problem. Not very helpful. Short of just letting the domain lapse and re-registering, any suggestions as to how to resolve this?

Try a different registrar? There are lots out there and I used Google last time I moved a domain name.

Out of interest a person I maintained some website for used 123 to regester the domain names and they wanted to be paid to release/move the domain names. From memory it was not cheap and I suggest reading the small print.

I have moved a few sites and have never had to use an intermediatory website like appovemove.
Tried visiting the site and I was not allowed access which does not fill me with confidence as it was a default Apache page.


If you care about the domain renew it with namecheap. They are good registar. If you allowed domain to expire, there is no guarantee you will ever get it back.

The issue you facted maybe some technical issue, that can happen. What you should do is try again, no point in wasting time identifying what went wrong last time.

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