Problem: Sub-domain masked by primary domain in Google search results!


About 6 months ago the company I worked for launched an entertainment site… Here’s how we named it:

Main domain:
Sub-domain: <– entertainment site

Long story short, we just discovered today that the primary domain has been masking the sub-domain site from Google searches.

For example, take this Google search:

MyCity Entertainment

(Where “MyCity” is the name of the town we are targeting)

Google ends up stuffing the sub-domain into the search result for our main domain.

When I click “view all results from” (i.e. do a site search with the keywords above), that’s when shows up up the SERPs list!


Is there any way to get to show up as a separate entity when searching? We don’t want it grouped under the main domains search results! :frowning:

Tips/links/articles would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!!!


i think you can change it in webmaster tools where you mention primary domain address etc.

Interesting! I will poke around webmaster tools. We did not setup webmaster tools until yesterday (not sure how it got overlooked). I will post back my findings.

Thanks for tip ca4nul!

What do you think: Is it best to buy a new domain with (hopefully) keywords that match the topic of the site vs. use sub-domain where domain is a site that has good rep/traffic but has nothing to do with the other site’s content (i.e. the sub-domain… Like the scenario I mention in my first post)?