Problem styling radio buttons

I have been trying to tame some forms with CSS and now I’ve just got one lingering issue, the radio buttons on this page:

I think it is because there’s a display:block rule on the input element, which works nicely for everything else except these radio buttons. I tried resetting the display to inline for them via input[type=“radio”], but that didn’t seem to do the trick.

The intent was a more compact display, without the radio buttons and the text being so spread out.

Well on input{} you set a 400px width so that’s why it’s so stretched out.

Ah, thank you. I thought it was the display:block that did that. That explains it. :slight_smile:

Nope :). On input[type=radio]{} you have display:inline-block set which allows the dimensions to take place. That’s why it was just the radio buttons acting goofy. You’re welcome :).