Problem showing Chinese Texts in Flash CS5


We have created an application where some Chinese texts need to be displayed. The text filelds have been created dynamically and Chinese Texts are retreived from an XML. [ The file has been created with AS 2.0 ]

We have experienced - that

  1. [Version CS5- Platform Windows 7] - When setting the TextField.embedFonts property to TRUE, even when we create a new font in the library and provide an identifier to be exported, the fonts do not appear. But, interestingly setting embedFonts property to FALSE shows those Chinese characters.

  2. [Version CS5- Platform Windows XP, SP 3 ] - The Chinese characters does not show up at all, and unknown characters are shown.

Could we have some possible explanation as why the outcome become different.

Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,


I don’t know this particular case, but most of the time this type of problems show when you have different character encoding (let’s say that the XML file was set to UTF-8. CS5 will install with the character encoding set in your computer).

Another reason may be because the font you’re using is not that computer and there is no default chines font for that. As you said, the fonts show when you have the embedFonts property to false, and therefore the fonts are not included in the document and rely on what fonts are installed in that particular computer.